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Soosaare Morning

Soosaare Morning 2017
From the collection “Down to earth”

Material: Oilpaint on Peat panel

De Blauwe Hel

Name: De Blauwe Hel
Year: 2019
Material: oilpaint on peatlayer
Size: H. 110 cm x W. 160 cm

Exhibited in the exhibition “Turf het bruine goud” in museum Veenendaal
from 18 april till 31 august 2019
This is┬áthe marshland in the enviroment of Veenendaal called “De Blauwe hel”

Holy Nerthus stone

Name: PP 011 Holy Nerthus stone
Year: 2018
Size: H 80 cm x W 60 cm
Material: Peat on woodlayer and oilpaint

Tassi 2018

Name: PP oo9 Tassi
Year 2018
Size:150 cm x 98 cm
Material: oilpaint on Peatlayer